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Welcome to Inspirstar Inc.

Inspirstar Inc. is a leading innovator of the state-of-the-art medical device and specializes in Microcurrent technology and Microcurrent devices.  

Inspirstar IS02 Programmable Microcurrent StimulatorTM is the FIRST FDA-Approved Portable Programmable Microcurrent Stimulation Machine, the innovated programmable portable unit we have passion for and we are proud of. Please visit Products.

Inspirstar IS02 Programmable Microcurrent StimulatorTM is a high-end precision medical instrument. This product can generate low current intensity pulses at microampere level and frequency of pulses. Practitioners can program specific therapy protocols and frequencies with a variety of parameters including current intensity, frequency, time, modulated wave period, wave slope, and polarity, etc into this device.

Inspirstar IS02 Programmable Microcurrent StimulatorTM is a small, portable machine which is designed to use in a practitioner's office, clinic or hospital as well as self administered treatment at home under a doctor's supervision.

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Inspirstar IS02 Series Microcurrent Stimulator
Inspirstar Profile Editor software
Inspirstar Electrode Gloves - Silver-Meshed Gloves


We have hundreds of satisfied patients and doctors using our exciting products. Please read Testimonials about what is being said about the Inspirstar.


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