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Inspirstar IS02PRO Programmable Microcurrent StimulatorTM

Fully programmable microcurrent stimulator allows customization on every aspect of the output waveform.
Large Memory Capacity stores up to 999 protocols and up to 28000 frequency pairs in total.
Informative screen shows the protocol name, the frequencies, the current intensity, polarity, waveform, pair number, time of this frequency pair and remaining time of this protocol when a protocol is running.
Numeric Keypad makes protocol selection easy.
“Recent” and “History” protocol key make it easy to run a recent or frequently used protocol.
Run Time change allows changes to all parameters frequencies, intensity, polarity, waveform and running time.
Hold or Skip a frequency pair in a protocol at run time.
Manual Run mode allows to start with any frequencies, current intensity, polarity, waveform, time directly from keypad.

Compact and Portable size makes it suitable for all application, either in office, at home or on the road..
Backlight lights up display screen for easy reading in dark places.
Micro USB standard cable is used to connect the computer with the unit for programming. Real Time software feature allows running protocols and record history from PC, a great feature to help to optimize treatment protocols.
Combined and Separated CH1 and CH2 output jacks provides convenience for different electrodes.


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