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The Latest Product Upgrade Information (Profile Editor 2.8.5)

(Note: This information is only for practitioners who have the software. For end-users having IS02BA units, please contact your practitioner about the upgrade. )

On 06/01/2011, the following new features were released in Inspirstar Profile Editor Software.
-> Support of 0uA current intensity.
-> A new "find" feature to search for a frequency pair in a protocol or profile.
-> Improved printing feature.
-> Support of a registry to turn on/off tooltip.
-> Improved communication port management.

We suggest that all users upgrade the PC software to the version 2.8.5.

The firmware in the IS02BA unit needs upgrade to firmware version 0.80.2 if you need to use 0uA current intensity.

(Note: If you are using Mac computer, please do not do firmware upgrade on your Mac computer because of possible incompatibility issue. Please use a Windows PC to upgrade the firmware or contact Inspirstar.)

Software/Firmware Upgrade Instructions

To Upgrade the software:

When you start Profile Editor software, you should get the automatic update notice to update the software to version 2.8.5. Click "Yes, start Downloading" to download the update. After the download is finished, you will be prompted for installation.

If you don't get the automatic update notice, you can click "Help"->"Check for Updates" to start the upgrade.

If you can't get the software upgarded in the ways described above, please email for maunally download and upgrade information.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 users:
The automatic update does not work in Windows Vista/Windows 7 when the User Account Control is on (default). You need to download the update manually to your computer and install. Please email

To Upgrade the firmware on IS02BA:

1. After the software installation finishes, open Profile Editor and connect IS02BA unit to the computer.
2. The firmware upgrade on step #3 may delete the current protocols in IS02BA unit. You may need to backup those protocols from the unit if you didn’t ever save a copy in your computer. Click the button “Read” and after the profile is read from the unit, click “Save Profile As” to save it on your computer.
3. Firmware Upgrade. Click “Tools"-> "Firmware Upgrade”.
In Step 1, you should see this file.
C:\Program Files\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares\
In Step 2, Build Date should be May 25, 2011.
If both are correct, click “Start Upgrade”. (If not, use the button "Browse" to locate the exact file. )
(Recommendation: Use new batteries for firmware upgrade.)

Note: For the operation of new features on IS02BA unit or the use of software new version, please refer to the updated documents Inspirstar IS02BA User's Manual and Inspirstar Profile Editor User Guide, by clicking your computer "Start"-> "All Programs" -> "Inspirstar" -> "Documents".

Previous upgrade information

Upgrade to Profile Editor 2.8.1

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